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General Information

What is “Bulkahia”?

Bulkahia is a premium online marketplace that connects Abia Vendors with local & foreign buyers. Our goal is to provide a way to trade faster & safer with REAL Abia Vendors.

Do you have physical stores?

No. Bulkahia is an online market. Our job is to help BUYERS find ABIA VENDORS.


Do you have limits on posting ads?

No. At this moment, you can post unlimited ads in each category.

How do I post adverts on Bulkahia?

Learn how to Post your Ads here.

I’ve posted my ads, what next?

  • Your ad will be carefully reviewed by our moderators. If there are no mistakes or policy violation, it will be approved within 6hrs.
  • Your adverts can only appear on our website when its approved.
  • You will get a notification email when your advert is approved. If there is something wrong with your advert, you will be notified on how to fix it.
  • After your advert is approved, you can edit it re-submit. Once done, your advert undergoes review before approval on our website.
  • You can delete your advert any time.
  • If submit adverts of the same content, it will be considered as duplicates and declined by our moderators.
  • You can also learn more about your ad performance by logging into your account.

Are there any rules for posting ads?

Yes. The following rules are required while posting ads on Bulkahia:

  • Advert must have a precise title.
  • Advert should contain only unique images (taken by the seller and not downloaded from the Internet) without any contact information or watermarks.
  • Advert should contain images that show all sides of the product to enable faster decision making from the buyer.
  • Advert must be in the right category.
  • Product prices must be reasonable.
  • Products posted must be located in Nigeria.
  • Products must be legally permitted.
  • Advert must contain one product for sale. You cannot post several products within one advert.
  • Advert must contain a brief and clear description.

My advert was declined. Why?

The main reason(s) why your ad can be declined by our moderators is if your advert violates our ad posting rules.

Prohibited items on Bulkahia

To avoid getting banned on Bulkahia, you shall comply with all applicable laws, the Terms & Conditions and all posted website rules and policies.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of prohibited items on Bulkahia in Nigeria:

  • Narcotics, steroids, and any drugs or medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical specialist
  • Weapons
  • Restricted military/police items
  • Human organs
  • Illegal/pirated copies
  • Stolen property
  • Code grabbing and lock picking devices
  • Electronic equipment prohibited by the law
  • Sexually-oriented services
  • Loans, money transactions, Cryptocurrency
  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs
  • Network marketing and “Home Base Business” jobs
  • Products (goods or services) prohibited to sell by the law, in particular:
  • Food, processed food, water, soft drinks, spirit drinks, medical devices, drugs, drug products, cosmetics, chemicals, agrochemicals, pesticides, veterinary drugs or other goods if they have not been registered with the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (the “NAFDAC”) or other relevant authority of Nigeria;
  • Any goods, sale, distribution or advertising of which is banned or restricted by the NAFDAC or any other relevant authority of Nigeria;
  • Any goods, sale, distribution or advertising of which is prohibited by applicable legislation of Nigeria;
  • Any goods that do not comply with standards and quality requirements imposed on such goods by applicable legislation of Nigeria;
  • Any goods that are represented on the label or described as a treatment, preventative or cure for diseases, disorders or abnormal physical states specified by applicable legislation of Nigeria.

If you have noticed any advert promoting Prohibited Items on Bulkahia, please report them via the “Report” button available in each advert posted.

How long will my advert stay on the website?

30 days from the date approved. You’ll be notified via email to renew expired ads.

For Buyers

How can I buy something on Bulkahia?

Learn how to contact sellers here.

Membership Plans

What are “Membership Plans”?

Membership plans enable sellers to post/edit/renew unlimited ads with guaranteed visibility.

Sellers with active premium services are heavily promoted on our website, social media & partner networks.

What type of Membership Plans do you offer?

We offer 4 types of memberships,

  • Monthly – Expires after 30 days.
  • Quarterly – Expires after 90 days.
  • Half-Yearly – Expires after 180 days.
  • Yearly – Expires after 365 days.

How to buy Membership Plans

Learn how to buy membership plans here.